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Welcome to “Long Island’s Favorite Comic Shop”!


Since 1992, Grasshopper's Comics has been Nassau's County's Premier Comic and Gaming Shop, with a huge selection of Comics, Trade Paperbacks and Miniatures. In fact, we have the largest Trade Paperback and Miniature selections in all of Nassau County. We're famous for our customer service, and have won many awards, including being voted "Long Island's Favorite Comics Shop".   We specialize in:

  • Over 35,000 Back Issues on Display with an additional 100,000 available!
  • Over 6,000 Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels in Stock!
  • Special Children's Comic and Trade Paperback Area
  • Huge selection of comics from a wide range of publishers
  • Fully computerized subscription services and FREE weekly New Release Newsletters

There's always something going on here!  We have an unmatched selection of trade paperbacks from virtually every comic publisher.  And our massive Back Issue selection is always growing with new additions almost every week.

Come on down, and see why we're considered "Long Island's Favorite Comic Shop!"